Revenue Accounting

Ayara’s Revenue Accounting product offers various highly flexible and scalable features for end to end automation of revenue recognition process. It processes the sale transactions in accordance with ASC 606/ IFRS 15 accounting principles through automated identification of accounting arrangements and performance obligations, revenue & bundle allocations, revenue recognition and accounting. Our cognitive automation capabilities along with natural language processing (NLP) can review contract terms to identify and calculate variable considerations from a variety of sources thereby determine revenue adjustments for each performance obligation. It is seamlessly integrated with various CPQ (Salesforce, Apttus etc.) and ERP applications (Oracle, SAP, Workday etc) to to capture customer and contract activity. Our continuous monitoring & reconciliation capabilities enable real time & proactive identification of any revenue compliance risks as well as any operational discrepancies to ensure authenticity and accuracy of revenue information.

Key Capabilities

  1. Post booking arrangements

  2. Bundle/Revenue allocations

  3. Revenue reallocations

  4. Variable Considerations

  5. Revenue Triggers

  6. Revenue & Cost Adjustments

  7. Multiple Ledgers & Currencies

  8. Revenue Amortizations

  9. Revenue Accruals/ Accounting

  10. Period Close

  11. Account Reconciliations

  12. Revenue Compliance

Finance/Revenue Analyst

I want eliminate various manual processes through out revenue accounting (allocations, FV analysis, accounting, adjustments) and maintenance of documentation to increase my productivity

Finance/Revenue Controllers

I want to ensure the revenue accounting, period close and reconciliation processes is seamless, accurate, timely and compliant

SOX/Compliance Team

I want to ensure all the controls in revenue life cycle are automated and monitored and thereby reduce risks by eliminated manual controls

Business Benefits

Faster, timely and compliant period close through automated process and reconciliations

Better visibility into actual revenue and adjustments at transaction level

Elimination of manual process for revenue accounting and thereby reducing the risk as well as manual operational controls