About Us

A team of Silicon Valley revenue management experts, with a combined 50 years financial experience, came together to solve a series of revenue challenges common among top companies.

Their collaborative efforts identified critical gaps in financial solutions of existing ERPs and Revenue Management products. It was clear that a new solution was necessary to solve these persistent limitations.

Years of client-centered design and development produced Ayara, a 360 degree revenue intelligence and management system.

Ayara Inc. has involved independent auditors to obtain SOC 1 Type 1 attestation report in order to provide assurance on the effective design of internal controls. The report will help our customers and stakeholders in getting assurance on our risk and governance processes, controls for project management, application development, availability, and security of our IT systems and infrastructure.

Ayara’s “SOC1 Assurance Report on Controls” is for restricted distribution only and is available for select User Entities on demand.

The product delivers solutions for various companies across industries that have long sought for end to end revenue management including:

  • Predictive Revenue forecasting and margin analysis during deal negotiations for better deal structuring and discounting
  • Automated revenue recognition processes that meet various Compliance, regulations and policies
  • Revenue analytics to optimize strategic product, sales and pricing decisions
  • On-premise and cloud-based versions integrate with all leading CPQ and ERP applications

Too often companies must resort to costly custom solutions to solve revenue challenges faced by virtually all industry leaders. With Ayara’s revenue management products, companies convert these challenges to strategic opportunities for enhancing growth and streamlined operations.