Revenue Intelligence

Ayara Revenue Intelligence (ARI) software is the world's first ever product that automatically identifies, analyzes, allocates, calculate and schedules the revenue at performance obligation level on a deal/quote on real time. It will dramatically transform speed and accuracy of a deal revenue assurance and approvals and faster deal closure cycles. It empowers organization to embed revenue recognition intelligence during the sales cycle allowing real-time collaboration between sales and finance organizations

Revenue Allocations on quote

Revenue allocations, Bundle attributions & gross margins at performance obligation level during the quoting phase on real time basis as per ASC 606/IFRS15 standard

Gross Margin Analysis

Project gross margins on quote based on allocated revenue for profitability analysis

Revenue Forecasting & modelling

Rules based forecasting & insights to calculate the recurring revenue stream and support multiple “what-if scenario” analysis

Integrated with major CPQ solutions

Seamless and native integration with all leading CPQ & billing solutions - Salesforce, Apttus etc.

Cognitive contract terms assessment

AI/ML based identification of revenue impacting contract terms and variable considerations and assessment