Revenue Management

Ayara’s Revenue Management offers various highly flexible and scalable features for end to end automation of revenue recognition process. It processes the sale transactions in accordance with ASC 606/ IFRS 15 accounting principles through automated identification of accounting agreements and performance obligations, revenue allocations, revenue recognition and reporting through integrating with various CPQ & ERP solutions. Our continuous monitoring & reconciliation capabilities enable real time & proactive identification of any revenue compliance risks as well as any operational discrepancies to ensure authenticity and accuracy of revenue information.

Bundle Attribution

Attribute revenue at expanded performance obligation level for any monetization bundle based on defined rules

Variable considerations

Robust business capabilities and rules to manage variable considerations & adjustments

Support Complex Business models

Automates revenue recognition for Subscriptions/Term/ SaaS, Consumption /Usage and various Pricing strategies

Contract amendments & modifications

Intelligent Rules engine to identify and account the revenue impacts for post contract changes

SSP Analyzer

Establish SSP for products through slicing and dicing of historical transactions based on configurable rules

Reporting & Compliance Monitoring

GAAP & Non GAAP reporting & actionable internal insights with drill downs; Automated and continuous compliance monitoring