Revenue Analytics

Ayara’s Revenue Analytics provides fact based, powerful, actionable revenue management insights to maximize the business growth, operational productivity and margins. By ingesting and connecting all data assets acquired during the end to end customer sale cycle, it unleashes revenue intelligence by tapping into various hidden trends and metrics across entities, products and geographies. Powered with advanced AI capabilities, it performs time and events series based behavioral analytics as well as what if analysis to predict the ordering, billing and delivery of performance obligations for accurate revenue recognition, revenue forecasting.

Key Capabilities

  1. Self Serve Reporting

  2. Multi Dimensional Reporting (Geo/ Customer Segment/Product)

  3. Reconciliations

  4. Forecasted to Actual Analysis

  5. Compliance Monitoring

  6. Predictive Insights

Sales Operations/Controller

I want to view the revenue by period for entire contract life

I need insight on the gross margin on the deals and/or product group/family

BU/Product Controller

I want to view the forecasted revenue vs. actual revenue by product at deal/contract level

I want insight on the profit/gross margin by product to ensure overall profitability is not impacted

Revenue/Finance Controller

I want real time visibility into deal revenue amount and recognition timing to support business in decision making

Business Benefits

Real time insights into revenue, gross margins to support decision making

Automated & continuous forecasting to actual comparison to monitor business performance

Accurate & multi driver driven forecasting through predictive analytics and AI/ML