Revenue Intelligence

Ayara revenue intelligence is the world's first ever product calculating allocable transaction price and revenue recognition (as per ASC 606/IFRS 15 principles) , gross margins and revenue forecasting during the quoting phase. It is integrated with various CRM systems (Salesforce, Apttus etc.) to create quote based revenue agreement and leverage the same for automated revenue recognition. With unique AI/ML capabilities, system considers various time-series based event patterns & analysis to predict the revenue forecast beyond the term of the quote, and suggest product, pricing and discounts structure to optimize the margin. Leveraging the 360 degree view of customer performance, revenue intelligence can predict the customer intent of future sales/churns

Key Capabilities

  1. Pre-booking arrangements

  2. Revenue & Bundle allocations

  3. Gross margin analysis based on allocation revenue

  4. Adjustments to transaction price (variable considerations)

  5. Rules based forecasting

  6. GAAP & Non GAAP Forecasting

Sales Operations/Controller

I want to view the forecasted revenue by period for entire contract life.

Need insight on the potential gross margin on the deal being negotiated and can approve pricing/discounts

BU/Product Controller

I want to view the forecasted revenue by product at deal/contract level

I want insight on the potential profit/gross margin by product to ensure overall profitability is not impacted

Revenue/Finance Controller

I can provide real time visibility into projected deal revenue amount and recognition timing to support business in decision making related to deal pricing/discount

Business Benefits

Comprehensive insights (revenue allocations, gross margin analysis) for better deal structuring & pricing

Better visibility into future revenue stream through accurate & multi level forecasting

Elimination of manual calculation of revenue allocations during deal negotiation