More than just automating revenue recognition, Ayara unifies revenue operations, giving all stakeholders insights to drive revenue across the organization.

Unify Revenue Operations

  • Instant quote analysis for revenue policy compliance
  • Deal terms analysis and identification using AI
  • Deal review workflows subject to strategic and audit review requirements
  • Timely finance review and approval of non-standard deals
  • Accurate forecasts based on reportable revenue

Automate Revenue Compliance

  • ASC 606/IFRS 15 evaluation for all customer contracts
  • Support for all pricing and monetization models
  • Robust engine for periodic SSP determination
  • Continuous accounting & close

Gain Revenue Insights

  • Actionable analytics to spot revenue leakage at any stage
  • Ability to conduct “what if” forecasting analysis
  • Visibility to points of friction in the customer lifecycle
  • Gross Margin by Product/Service at all stages of the revenue cycle

Seamlessly Integrate

  • Native integration with major CPQ and ERP systems
  • Product/service delivery tracking with business event integration from any data source
  • Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) with integration with any analytical data engine

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