Ayara Inc is SOC1 Type 1 attested

Ayara’s revenue & monetization platform consists of a comprehensive set of products and solutions that digitally transforms revenue management cycle

It automates end to end revenue recognition processes that is compliant with ASC 606/IFRS 15 standards across industry domains through flexible business rules management, cognitive automation, integration with various major CPQ and ERP applications and continuous compliance monitoring. Our extensive revenue insights capabilities coupled with in-house AI/ML algorithms leveraging various data assets unleashes powerful revenue intelligence and fact based insights for better strategic business decision making across the organization and accurate revenue forecasting.


Revenue Intelligence

Revenue allocations, gross margin analysis and forecasting during the deal negotiation/quoting phase

Revenue Accounting

Automated processing of revenue transactions & revenue recognition/ accounting based on delivered performance obligations

Revenue Analytics

Comprehensive analytical reporting, forecasting & AI/ML based predictive analytics

Why Ayara?

Ayara’s revenue platform provides end to end automation of revenue management processes ensuring compliance and operational productivity. Through actionable, real time and fact based revenue analytics & insights, it empowers finance to be trusted business partners and be part of strategic decision making. Our cognitive and advanced AI features provides a competitive advantage to sales and product organizations predicting future sales/revenue. Flexible business rules management, built-in integration with various major CPQ and ERP applications, user intuitive features and self serve reporting capabilities drives seamless implementation and user adoption of the product.

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